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Hi, I’m Ryta Alba and I give you the most warming of the welcomes to my photography page.

I’m always been in love with photography, I can spend hours looking and appreciating a lovely imagen of flowers, animals, landscape, people, art you name it. To me they are not only pictures to me they are mostly fillings, emotions, thoughts, memories even words that can’t be pronounce.   


I started my journey as a professional photographer taking cute pictures of children because it’s nothing fresher and sincere that a kid trying to posse front a camera. Capture the little smiles or the funny faces when they are playing or having fun make me remember when I was a kid. Here is one of the reasons that I love photography it’s a way to preserve these wonderful moments on a great and high-quality photograph that can be share with our family and friends.


There is not limit in photography, we use the imagination to create a fantastic picture, we use the best technology to make it amazing.  


My family and I appreciate your trust and we are waiting to have you and your kid or kids in your photography session…we will have fun!

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